An iOS and Android application

Mobile application developed to provide strata managers easy access to submitting damage reports and requests for repairs.

Developed for iPhone, iPad and Android, this app allows strata & property managers to report damage and request repairs for their sites quickly and with no fuss. This is a first phase release in a planned services & branding roll-out and includes core functions such as create/edit "Fix It" forms, embedding of photos from a mobile device and geolocational/map based report positioning.
This app was built on a new prototype application framework that I created which allows rapid deployment to both Android and iOS platforms from a single codebase and leverages the Starling Framework (v1.8) and Adobe Air SDK (v20). This app takes advantage of the new multi-threading capabilities of Adobe Air and utilises a modified version of the Feathers-Maps library, Google Geocoding API and implements various core Native Extensions from Distriqt.
My role in the creation of this app was to develop the application-side (report submission API and backend services were designed and provided by the great team at CHU), implement the various components, some UI design (however most designs and layouts were crafted in-house at 3RD Sense to adhere to branding guidlines) deployment and management of the code-base.

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